Snow Day, Snow Day!


This past weekend we got our second huge snowfall of the year – it’s safe to say that we don’t get much snow around here, so when it does we try to take full advantage! This includes playing in the snow, warming up with some hot chocolate, watching Frozen and singing every single song as loud as we can, and then going to play in the snow some more! 





As my daughter made a snow fort, an igloo, a snowman, and then a “snow reindeer”, my toddler son just walked around through the snow. He’s quite mobile in snowsuit, surprisingly, and could easily pick himself up if he fell. After watching his sister make some snow angels, he attempted to do so as well but hated the feeling of snow falling on his face and would jump straight back up!


After we warmed up with some hot chocolate (and an espresso for me), we watched the snow continue to fall outside. Holland sat by the window watching the snow plows clear the streets, while Chanel put on Christmas dvds like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

I love snow days.

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