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When Jay and I discuss our kitchen design, we know what we want. We want matte white lacquer cabinets with no handles. We want white corian counter tops. We want all the appliances integrated so it doesn’t look like a kitchen. That’s right, we want a kitchen that doesn’t look like a kitchen.

verve-kitchen-sliding-top-75741-1900At the latest Interior Design Show (IDSwest) in Vancouver, we became obsessed with the idea of sliding counter tops, hidden sinks with retractable faucets and integrated convection cook tops. 

verve-kitchen-sliding-top-75739-190015-PLANK-1-STRIP-ASH-BARRIQUE-WHITE-brushed-with-bevel-on-all-four-sides-brushed-with-bevel-on-all-four-sides1-465x360Hidden appliances are a must to complete this look – oven, fridge, even the coffee maker needs to disappear. What do you think lovely readers? Do you think this look is too new? Too cold? I agree the images above are a bit stark, it’s their artistic look – they’re trying to prove their point.

In our world everything is white as well, but the floors are a wide-plank vintage-looking ash wood, and the floor-to-ceiling windows let in the green forest and blue ocean on one side and the granite wall on the other. And our sofa is in the same room:

3I think with the colourful sofa, the warm floor and the beautiful views, the kitchen will just fade into the background – which is what we’re hoping for it to do. We want it to co-exist with the room but not take over it in any way… Let’s hope our vision works in real life!

 (all photos of kitchen are from minimal usa)

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