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lost-my-name-b-3lost-my-name-p-3lost-my-name-b-1I’ve always loved giving a personalized present to someone close to me. It feels very special to give family and friends a gift that’s unique and created solely for them. It’s why I’m so in love with LostMy.Name books.

LostMy.Name books started as a DIY-project between three fathers and an uncle, and quickly became a labour of love. They’ve created an easy-to-make book for any name in the world. How easy? Enter your child’s name, choose if the book is for a boy or a girl, and hit ‘Create Your Book’! You can add a personal dedication if you wish, and preview your book before ordering.

Creating a LostMy.Name storybook is as easy as 1-2-3. Enter the name of the child, choose boy or girl, and create your story. I was very curious to see how they would solve the problem of repeating letters, for instance in my name I have 3 A’s and 2 R’s. I was pleased to see that each letter “A” had it’s own unique page and story, which simply adds to the thoughtfulness of the book.





Another bonus to this easy-to-make, personalized storybook? Free worldwide shipping. International shipping can get quite expensive when shopping online, yet LostMy.Name will ship your custom book for free!

The quality of the book really amazed me. It’s a large book, (A4 size – 210mm x 297mm), with thick, eco-friendly pages, and full colour illustrations. This book is a keepsake and will last years with the quality of the paper and covers.

I created a book for my son, as a Christmas present, and was just blown away by the detail and thoughtfulness that went into this personalized book. The thought of reading this book for years to come made me smile. It’s inventive, whimsical, and fun!




I headed back to LostMy.Name to create another one for my daughter, however this is where I found the one negative. You cannot choose specific illustrations for each book. While many might not have a problem with this, if you want to buy more than one book for each of your children, and they have similar letters in their names, then their books will be very similar as well.

My daughter’s name is Chanel, which shares 4 letters with her brother’s name, and those four pages were the exact same in her book. I wish I was able to choose a different letter “H” so they wouldn’t have the same picture and story. Again, while this conflict might not be a problem for everyone, my daughter is older and would be able to see that they books were similar, while my little boy is too young for that.


The books are meant for ages 2-6, while many purchase a book as a baby present (I know I would!). This is an exceptional and wonderful present to give a child for their birthday or as a Christmas present. This gift is perfect for the holidays as it is personalized, thoughtful, and the quality of the book is amazing and beautiful.

Visit LostMy.Name to create your own personalized storybook, and check them out on Facebook and Twitter, too!

Disclosure: The wonderful folks at LostMy.Name gifted me a copy of their lovely book. However I was not financially compensated for this post and all opinions expressed here are my own.

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