Nutritious Choices Made Simple with Guiding Stars at Loblaws City Market & Real Canadian Superstore


With school in full swing and our family routines back on their regular schedules, life is starting to get busy. And when life gets busy, my eating habits tend to teeter between healthy green smoothies and drive-thru chicken wraps. Grocery shopping becomes rushed and I start grabbing ‘convenience’ foods to make lunches and meal planning easier.

There isn’t always time to read the nutritional labels when I’m rushing through the store with both kids in tow – my 8 year old whining about everything she wants in the grocery store, my 2 year old trying to climb out of the shopping cart – I just want to be in and out of the grocery store quick!

How can I do a quick shopping trip and still make nutritional choices for my family? Guiding Stars has answered this need by providing a three-star rating system on food found throughout the store to help you choose the most nutritional option!

I continue to teach my children about healthy eating and what to look for when choosing foods (ie. real food vs processed, whole grains vs white), but sometimes the information parents give goes in one ear and out the other! Thankfully, Guiding Stars was created to help teach our children the importance of healthy eating – like which cereal is most healthiest? It’s easy now by explaining to my kids to look for three stars!


Loblaws and Real Canadian Superstores across Canada have teamed up with Guiding Stars to offer their customers an easy-to-understand nutritionalΒ shopping experience. Guiding Star has created and patented a three-star nutritional choices system, taking the guesswork out of grocery shopping.

Food items are rated one, two, or three stars, where three stars means it is the best nutritional choice. Ratings on food are found directly on the price tags, and it becomes easy to choose between cereals, juices, canned fruits and vegetables, just by seeing how many stars they have.


Loblaws City Markets & Real Canadian Superstore have created this awesome infographic about the ABC’s of Healthy Eating (PIN THIS!!) to help share the art of eating well with your kids at any age!


We all want to teach our kids about healthy eating, and we all want to make nutritionally-sound choices at the grocery store, but sometimes we’re busy and rushed and don’t have the time. I think it’s great that Loblaws and Real Canadian Superstores have teamed up with Guiding Stars to help their shoppers choose healthy meal optionsΒ easily and quicklyΒ throughout their stores.


Loblaws City Markets & Real Canadian Superstores across Canada want to give one of my readers a $25 Gift Card to try out the Guiding Stars program for yourselves! The giveaway is open to CANADA ONLY (excl. Quebec, sorry!) and is open until October 23, 2014 at 11:59 PM PST.

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The $25 Gift Card is valid at Loblaws, Loblaws City Markets, Real Canadian Superstores, Extra Foods, Fortinos, No Frills, Independent Grocers, Valu-Mart, Wholesale Club, Zehrs Markets, SaveEasy, as well as Dominion stores in Newfoundland & Labrador.

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