February Instagrams


This year I’ve jumped aboard the Project 365 train via Instagram. I thought to myself – every year I want to do a Project 365 (which is literally taking a picture every day of the year, and then posting it!) and every year I snap a few pictures and then forget. Or get busy. Or, or, or…Β 

This year I am forgoing excuses and decided to make Project 365 work for me – I use my iPhone 5 for taking pictures and then post them on Instagram – simple and easy!


February has been a month of smiles! The weather changed dramatically every single week – we’d get a week of beautiful sunshine, then a blizzard, followed by rain…. it’s like mother nature couldn’t make up her mind!


From the top (left to right):

1. Laughing at his sister’s funny faces
2. A smile on a Vancouver sidewalk
3. A rainy walk to lunch in West Van
4. Snow day! Snow day!
5. A Valentine’s Day cookie at Starbucks with the kids
6. My daughter’s thoughtful expression
7. My little boy pointing at the water on the seawall in Vancouver
8. Snow covered mountains in Squamish
9. My favourite art installation in Vancouver
10. My little man running through the Β Yaletown streets

If you want to see more of my February Instagrams go here, and check out my January post as well! Let’s hope March is just as much fun (if not more!) than February!

Are you doing a Project 365 or a Project 52? Link up in the comments below!

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