Living in Our Dream Home


There hasn’t been a real British Columbia rain day in the 23 days since we’ve moved in, that is, until today. Today is one of those perfect rain days – you wake up to rain, you hang out with the rain, you eat with the rain, you go to sleep with the rain… You can adventure in the wild on this rain day, or you can cuddle up with a cuppa on the sofa and watch cartoon after cartoon with the kidlets, who are still in their pajamas…

We’ve been settling in at our place, even if there are many, many, many things that are still on our list of things to do. It’s comfortable enough to live in, and things are definitely coming together, no matter how slowly they take! I took a few pictures of our upstairs yesterday that I thought I’d share with you.

These pictures aren’t ‘styled’, and are not in any form a perfect state of interior design at all – but it’s how we’re living right now, and you can easily see the checklist of things-to-do!

our-kitchenOur kitchen, my beloved kitchen! It’s almost perfect in how I envisioned it, but there are still a few things to get done: third cabinet needs to be installed, the white box under the end of the island will be wrapped in stainless steel, extra chairs are needed, some task lighting needs to be added…Β 

The island was designed and built by Jay & I, we used 4 pieces of reclaimed Douglas Fir, burnt them, sealed them, and slid them into the metal legs that have been powder-coated black. I think we’re going to sand it one more time and seal it again with a matte sealer, but we love it so far!


from-deck-insideThe picture above was taken from our deck, which is far from finished. We have to finish the floorΒ (either by putting down paving stones, or concrete, or wood – we’re still thinking about it), put up the glass railings, and then furnish to our hearts’ desire – and get a barbeque! The summer will not be the same without an outdoor grill.

From here you can see the large white drywalled-in stair case, which will eventually be removed and replaced with a glass railing, and you can also see my favourite feature of the house: the folding glass wall system.

on-deckWe have these folding glass doors open every single day since they’ve been installed.Β I love sitting on our lounge sofa and watching the view – the sofa, btw, is the perfect jungle gym for toddlers! (and who said modern design didn’t cater to children?)


mahjongWe bought this couch at Roche Bobois in New York City almost 7 years ago. On a whim. It was delivered to us in Vancouver about 3 years ago, and has been hidden in storage ever since. It’s so nice to FINALLY enjoy something you bought so long ago! We want to add shelving and art to the big blank wall, and put in a wood-burning fireplace as well.

glass-wallWhat do you think of our place so far? There’s still so much to do but it’s definitely starting to feel like home to us! Β You can read the process of our build here, or you can start at Part 1 here!

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