Do the work

do the work. get shit done.

This is the time to do the work. This is my year of #GetShitDone.

Entrepreneur life doesn’t always go as planned, and there are times where I really spread myself waaaay too thin. The funny thing is, I don’t actually recognize when I’m sinking until I’m already deep in shit. True story.

I’m learning to delegate. I’m learning to ask for help. Really, I am! I swear! I’m learning to take the time and FOCUS on what I’m good at – the things I really love doing! – and paying others to do the work that I may not love, not enjoy, not be good at, or simply don’t have time for.

I still struggle with doing one thing at a time – even writing this blog post I interrupted myself by checking my email, making a call, posting to instagram, and grabbing some water… But I’m learning and trying to focus and to use my time wisely – really sit and do the work.

Here’s the bullet point list on how to get your work done as an entrepreneur:

  • Delegate.
  • Hire an assistant.
  • Outsource.
  • Use a timer.
  • Use a timing app.
  • Make a list.
  • Prioritize that list.
  • Check your email every x minutes. (30 mins works well for me!)
  • Turn off notifications on your phone.
  • Turn the sound off on your phone (check it every 30 mins)
  • Schedule your time.
  • Schedules change – re-schedule your day.
  • Organize your clients/emails/computer/dropbox/photos.
  • Drink a lot of water.
  • Drink *some* caffeine.
  • Schedule breaks.
  • Schedule lunch breaks.
  • Stay off social media.
  • Stay off Facebook. (yes, even if it’s your job)
  • Go outside on a break. You need fresh air.
  • Don’t allow set backs to get you down. Continue on through the storm.

Any other tips you can think of to help you focus and get the work done?


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  • Nice list. Also….
    –Don’t even try to multitask (it’s a flawed concept).
    –Instead of just taking an outside air break, take a walk. It ups the creativity.
    –Take advantage of your own particular biological clock and use your best brain times to your advantage (e.g. I’m a night person).