Design Inspiration: Fireplaces

Fire Orb in White Fireplace
Fire Orb | Photo c/o David Hotson Architect

A glance outside my window proves that autumn is boldly on its’ way – the leaves have started to change and some have already fallen due to the boisterous winds. The winds have even caused a small birch tree on our property to fall down – it’s small in comparison to the massive maple and spruce trees that surround our home, but it’s a 25 foot tall tree that’s fallen on our pathway. Coffee first, tree second.

This weather is making me crave cozy sweaters, knee-high boots, and knit hats. Eating dinners lit by candlelight, warm apple cider, comfy blankets and my tootsies warm in fuzzy slippers. All that’s missing is a fireplace… We had built this home with the intention of putting in a wood-burning fireplace on the upper floor, the only real form of heating for the upstairs area. 

Fire Orb Black Fireplace
Fire Orb / Photo c/o dSpace Studios

The Fire Orb has always topped our list of favourite fireplaces. We’ve been obsessed with the shape, the minimal visual impact on the room’s space, and the fact that it rotates 360° allows so much more use out of it than a standard stationary fireplace.

Ideally, we’d like to position the fire orb at the corner of our room where the sliding glass doors open up on the patio, so it can be enjoyed inside our living room and swivelled to face the outdoors sitting area as well.

Weltevree Big Tilestove Green Fireplace
Photo c/o Weltevree
Weltevree Small Tilestove White Fireplace
Photo c/o Weltevree

The Tilestove by Vanhoffontwerpen from Weltevree caught our eye because of its’ unique shape, mixing rustic traditional with modern designs. These wood stoves have a Corten steel body and an exterior of ceramic tiles, these tiles gradually emit the heat of the fire. It comes two sizes and a range of colours to fit in with different decors.

Stuv 21 Fireplace
Stuv 21 Fireplace with Corten Steel Surround c/o Stuv
Stuv 30-Up Fireplace
Stuv 30-Up Fireplace c/o Stuv

I’ve always been a fan of the Stûv fireplaces and wood-burning stoves. They have a large variety of fitted and free-standing stoves to choose from, all of which work with a sleek and simple minimalist style. Stûv has also designed a selection of innovative accessories to work with their fireplaces, from their log holders on castors to their barbecue grill designed to work with a number of their stoves – that’s genius in itself!

Rais Gabo Wood-Burning Stove

The wood-burning stoves from Rais also have a traditional mixed with modern feel. Many of their stoves can be fitted with a plinth that allows it to rotate up to 360º, which lends versatility to a stationary piece.

Morso Squirrel 1410 Stove
Morso Squirrel 1410 Stove
Morso 7443 Stove
Morso 7443 Stove

Morsø is creates a variety of fireplaces and wood-burning stoves, from traditional cast iron styles to contemporary designs, their high-quality stoves are designed to fit many different styles and homes. I adore both styles, as different as they are, and they also provide a large array of accessories for their stoves.

There’s such a large selection of wood-burning stoves to choose from, but we keep going back to the Fire Orb as our favourite choice… what’s your favourite style? Do you prefer modern and free-standing fireplaces, or do you prefer a traditional style with a mantel?

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