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1 - Datevitaiton Book

I remember making my mom a coupon book for Mother’s Day. I know it included great deals such as: “free back rub” and “will clean my room!” It was hand-drawn and coloured with crayons, it was cute, but it doesn’t hold a candle to these love coupon books made by Datevitation.

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This month I sponsored the lovely Kate at Diaries of an Essex Girl, who holds a sponsorship giveaway each month. This month there’s a chance to win almost 1 year’s worth of ad space for your blog/website/shop AND paypal cash. Enter below!

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teagiveawayWhen the weather gets a bit cooler I find myself reaching for a cup of tea – or a ‘cuppa’ for my British friends – more often. There’s nothing better than cuddling on the sofa, watching one of my favourite shows (Downton Abbey, anyone?), pulling up a blanket and sipping some tea.  View Post