I don’t know how to do January without a deep cleaning, a purging of excess, and the motivation to change. I’ve noticed it’s becoming quite passé to have ‘New Year’s Resolutions’, as if the belief that the chiming of the clock at midnight will give you the resolve to change the entirety of your life is absolutely ridiculous – which it is.

My mother once told me that the way you spend January 1st is predictive of how the new year will become. For example, if you want to lose weight and create an active lifestyle, spend the first day of the year eating salads and jogging and it will put your life on the right path to achieve your goals. I think it’s some sort of Polish proverb.  View Post

I’ve struggled with putting the last few months into words, and I was going to write a big long-winded post about everything that’s gone on in the past few months – the good and the bad – but instead, I’m looking towards the future with happiness and light in my heart.

No worries, I’m not going anywhere. Just looking forward to what’s still yet to come!


There was a moment, it happened sometime in May, that I blinked and when my eyes re-opened, it was suddenly August. It’s halfway through the summer and I’m excited to share all the amazing things that have happened so far…

We opened up our shop, we’ve made some fun and comfy changes to our home, I’m getting trained up for the Mudderella, and life has been flipped upside down in the meantime! Our lifestyles have altered, we’re all a little out of balance still, but we’re finding a new balance within our family and finding time for it all again.

Sometimes it’s nice to take sometime away from blogging, but I can’t hold off any longer! Look forward to some great posts soon!

I Just Can't

I can feel it.

Starting in the back of my neck, a pain, just in that crook above my right shoulder blade.

It starts to spread to the other side, as I’m hunched over my keyboard, multi-tasking my life away. Phones ringing, papers flying everywhere, it’s like the beginning of some movie where the bored-with-life cubicle-caged employee snaps and goes off on a spontaneous adventure.

My cage, however, is self-made. A desk that is smack dab in the middle of my home. Always there, always eyeing me, always letting me know that my to-do list is never done. No door to shut it away.

This IS my adventure.

I remind myself of that. I chose this. Well, not THIS current panic-driven state. But I chose to be self-employed, to create a business, and run it as best I can.

But there’s days that I simply can’t do it all. Days where absolutely everything goes wrong, and surprise – it’s my fault.

A simple math equation…

Everything Goes Wrong

I’m tired. My mind is constantly running around in circles, trying to remember the tasks that need to be done for all the different projects. I am constantly forgetting things. I am making mistakes, more often than not. I used to be the one catching others’ mistakes and being frustrated with their inability to do a simple math equation. How the tables have turned…

Step away… View Post

Mother’s Day. Le sigh.

Our family had an incredible weekend. Not only did our little man turn three (3!!!), we also threw the most fun train-themed birthday party a threenager could ever ask for. There was cake, too many presents, and a bouncy castle.

On Mother’s Day, we jumped on a ferry and took a day enjoying Bowen Island. We love that place. It’s quaint and special, with forests full of ferns and deer and a small main area with cute shops and my favourite pizza place in the world, Tuscany’s.

The whole weekend was a success.

My daughter finally pulled out her hand-made Mother’s Day gift, a school project that required the kids to make books about how much they love their mother’s and why. All the wonderful things they do with their moms, and all the adjectives that describe their mommy’s – beautiful, pretty, smart, etc.

I learned a lot about myself from three pieces of glued-together construction paper.

I am loving, caring, dependable and helpful – of course! I’m mysterious(!), cheerful, and ambitious – woot! She apparently LOVES when we bake together (which we never do, btw).

My least favourite words in this book?

Busy. Stress. (<- that was in there twice!) Works. That I’m good at working.

W. T. F.

Is this how I’m going to be remembered?

A busy, double-stressed out mom who works a lot and is good at working?

Not quite what I had in mind…

Beautiful Flowers on a Bike

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and while I love a holiday that’s devoted to mother’s everywhere, I think sometimes we forget what really matters. My wish for Mother’s Day? To sit back, relax, and enjoy my family. How often can we truly say we relish in the time we spend with our family? I just want to put all the worries and thoughts and to-do lists away and just have fun with my favourite people in the world!

I also love flowers – white peonies and lavender, in particular – a good cup of tea, and a delicious meal. I also wouldn’t turn down some pampering at the spa (hint, hint!). Here are some ideas of what to do for you Mama to have her feeling incredible: View Post

Very little surprises me, in this day and age. We are living in a time that people are skydiving from outside the earth’s atmosphere, while halfway around the world women can’t go to school or work because there aren’t public toilets that can accommodate them. There’s so much joy in this world and there’s so much strife at the same time.

Scientific discoveries abound. Mental and psychological illnesses are being researched and regarded with more respect than ever before. After a generation of preservative-laden “fast foods” we are finally coming to our senses and reverting to eating more whole foods. The last male northern white rhinoceros is under 24-hour armed surveillance.  Kim Jong Un is hiring women for his own personal pleasure squad.

People are valuing independent thinkers, creatives, entrepreneurs. People are fighting cancer. Years of research is providing us with therapies and even cures for illness and disease. Natural disasters abound. Droughts are killing our forests and our food sources.

This world is imperfect. All of the above is true. And none of it – absolutely, completely NONE of it – surprises me. The luxury of tapping my phone and being repeatedly overexposed to news from all over the world has led to a reality where I am no longer shocked and appalled at people’s situations all over the world.

I am not indifferent to it. I don’t just shrug my shoulders and move on. I think. I donate. I discuss. I try. But I’m rarely surprised by life anymore. It’s a roll with the punches type world. Things change, people change, events happen – good and bad – and I’ve learnt to accept this.

However, a MAN who won’t complete work assignments, because a WOMAN requested it of him?

Now, that surprises me.

Because that means he’s hardly a man at all.

xo M.