summer-yoga-essentials1. Yoga Mat. I get so excited looking at new yoga mats, and the Warrior mat by La Vie Boheme Yoga is no exception. The mat provides inspiration with the quote, “What you seek is seeking you” – Rumi, and it’s absolutely stunning. Get yours here

2. Yoga Bag. This bag by YogaRat is perfect for protecting your yoga mat during hikes to outdoor place. I love it because it has room for your yoga mat and towel, water bottle, snacks and phone. It’s eco-friendly too, being made of recycled plastic bottles.  Find it here US | Canada

3. Bold Leggings. Glitch Leggings by Reebok have a bold, colourful print that’s perfect for summer. Since I wear leggings year round, I need leggings that can go from yoga practice to shopping, and these leggings with the matching bra, a loose black cover up and an infinity scarf screams casual comfort in the summer. Bonus: they’re not black! Get yours here

4. Sports Bra. The Embrace Bra by Roxy has a cute design, a great fit with support for those that need it, is super lightweight, and looks cute under loose cover-ups. I am loving the pink and grey combo for summertime yoga. Get yours here

5. Shorts. You might be nervous to wear shorts to yoga at first, but you’ll be grateful for them afterwards. The matching Move It shorts by Roxy are a must for hot summer days, outdoor yoga, or bikram yoga. The Italian-made spandex is stretchy and supportive for a flattering fit. Get yours here

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Photo Credit: Sam McAdam-Cooper; Source: Home Life Australia

Photo Credit: Sam McAdam-Cooper; Source: Home Life Australia

Designing a child’s bedroom is always a battle for me – the battle of making it look modern and minimal, with playful touches versus all of the toys and artwork and books that abound. I don’t have any definite rules when it comes to keeping the kid’s clutter to a minimum, but I do purge as often as I can, I take note of items that are no longer being used and spaces that could be put to better use.

Having a girl and a boy, I feel somewhat lucky that I can create two completely different styles of bedrooms. While we’re still getting the rooms together, adding the right decor and furniture, I look to design magazines and online pictures and pinterest to find items and curiosities that I think will be perfect in their respective bedrooms. Here are some modern kids bedrooms that I adore.

Photo Credit: Sam McAdams-Cooper Source: Home Life Australia

Photo Credit: Sam McAdams-Cooper Source: Home Life Australia

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I have gotten so much love from the last home blog post (thank you!) and many of you have asked to see more! Of course, I hesitate because it’s so far from done! The downstairs living area is currently one large room that contains our sofa, a tv stand and the tv – that’s it. We are working on getting the kids rooms finished first, which entails a ton of purging and storage solutions (books! toys! games! galore!) and leaves little time for the rest of the house.

Here is our master bedroom, as it sits so far. You may remember a few of these items from our previous rental, as we haven’t purchased any new furniture for our bedroom yet. But it’s simple and neat, and very relaxing for us.


Our queen-sized bed is made of reclaimed wood that was sourced from a burnt down Vancouver Mounted Police horse stable. The wood has burn marks and holes in it, and also tends to smell a bit like a barn every once in a while. We absolutely love it.  View Post


There hasn’t been a real British Columbia rain day in the 23 days since we’ve moved in, that is, until today. Today is one of those perfect rain days – you wake up to rain, you hang out with the rain, you eat with the rain, you go to sleep with the rain… You can adventure in the wild on this rain day, or you can cuddle up with a cuppa on the sofa and watch cartoon after cartoon with the kidlets, who are still in their pajamas…

We’ve been settling in at our place, even if there are many, many, many things that are still on our list of things to do. It’s comfortable enough to live in, and things are definitely coming together, no matter how slowly they take! I took a few pictures of our upstairs yesterday that I thought I’d share with you.

These pictures aren’t ‘styled’, and are not in any form a perfect state of interior design at all – but it’s how we’re living right now, and you can easily see the checklist of things-to-do!

our-kitchenOur kitchen, my beloved kitchen! It’s almost perfect in how I envisioned it, but there are still a few things to get done: third cabinet needs to be installed, the white box under the end of the island will be wrapped in stainless steel, extra chairs are needed, some task lighting needs to be added…  View Post

Read Parts 1, 2, & 3 here!

This post has been a long time coming! After what seemed like months of nothing happening to the house, I finally get to show you some actual changes! For the last few months a lot of what I like to call the “behind-the-scenes” stuff has been happening – you know, the plumbing, the electrical, drywall mudding/taping and painting, exterior finishes – the stuff that makes a house, however showing pictures of pipes and electrical wire is not too exciting for a blog post…

Britannia Beach House
Britannia Beach House
You can see that brick is now finished, although that nightmare deserves a blog post of its’ own in the future, and the metal cladding is all done except for a couple of fascia pieces and the metal capping (the top part of the roof line). Let’s go inside…  View Post

I am constantly searching for design inspiration for our new home. What intrigues me most are homes with a modern & minimalist aesthetic, but that are also family friendly and comfortable. It’s not an easy balance to achieve – many homes can look sterile and uninviting when too minimalist – but I also hate clutter with a passion.

This modern family home in Toronto is one I always return to, it was designed by Tony Round & Andrea Kordos from blackLAB Architects as an open-plan, modern space for themselves and their two children – and there’s NO TV! Their main intention when designing this house was to provide a place for everything and keep everything in its’ place, while maintaining a comfortable and livable home for their family. View Post

 West Coast Spring Essentials - Survive Rainy Weather in the Pacific Northwest!

 Today is the first day of spring! Finally there are hopes of sunshine and flowers and fun outdoor activities – however living on the West Coast (dubbed the Wet Coast by some!) spring also brings in endless rain… Since moving here I’ve quickly succumbed to rain boots and waterproof jackets to keep myself dry – here are my simple spring essentials to surviving the rainy weather here in the Pacific Northwest, and still looking stylish! View Post