Kids furniture should be durable, stylish, and affordable, and the ‘green’ choices at are also eco-friendly! I have a really tough time finding furniture for my kids – it’s either over-priced or cheaply made, and I certainly don’t want to spent a ton of money on furniture that will likely be turned into art by way of crayons and highlighters! I try to find used furniture pieces to add to my home, sometimes refurbishing an item can give it a new life in a home! However, it isn’t exactly affordable purchasing a used piece of ‘modern’ furniture (if it has ‘mid-century’ in the title, watch for extra zero’s added!).

I am always scouring the BuyGreen site for items that are needed in my home – this online shop has absolutely everything eco-friendly including clothing, health and beauty products, items for your office, and even furniture! I was super curious about the line of WayBasics furniture made of zBoards, which claims to be the ‘World’s Easiest Assembly’, and uses no tools to put their furniture together.



The prices were very affordable and the modular cube storage was modern and fun! The shelving is light-weight but strong, each shelf can still hold about 50 pounds of weight. After some long decision making, we finally chose the Madison Bookcase for my daughter’s room (which BuyGreen supplied to us for review – thank you!). Since moving, we still hadn’t completed her bedroom (…it’s only been 5 months!) and it was difficult for her to keep her room clean and tidy. See the before picture after the jump! View Post


A peak at Dinner by Design

I look forward to the Interior Design Show every year and have been going since I was a young twenty-something in Toronto, trying to design our first home. Much has changed since then, in my own life and in the design world, but I can always be sure to find something that just about blows my mind at IDSwest.

A work of art from Hinterland Design

A work of art from Hinterland Design

The 2014 IDSwest certainly did not disappoint! Celebrating their 10th anniversary, there was so much to take in, a pleasant assault on the senses if you will – every booth was more intriguing than the last, each one offering something beautiful to see, something incredible to feel and touch, and the bar never lets me down with their selection of craft beers and Prosecco to taste! View Post

A glance outside my window proves that autumn is boldly on its’ way – the leaves have started to change and some have already fallen due to the boisterous winds. The winds have even caused a small birch tree on our property to fall down – it’s small in comparison to the massive maple and spruce trees that surround our home, but it’s a 25 foot tall tree that’s fallen on our pathway. Coffee first, tree second.

This weather is making me crave cozy sweaters, knee-high boots, and knit hats. Eating dinners lit by candlelight, warm apple cider, comfy blankets and my tootsies warm in fuzzy slippers. All that’s missing is a fireplace… We had built this home with the intention of putting in a wood-burning fireplace on the upper floor, the only real form of heating for the upstairs area.  View Post

I am very excited to share my new home office with you. I have been waiting for a space to call my own for years and am so delighted with the way it turned out!


I spent months poring over home office inspiration, and I was so undecided about whether I wanted to spend a lot of money on a desk or if I should just buy something inexpensive. In the end my wallet won, and a trip to Ikea later, I had most of my home office ready to be put together!  View Post

A side table has many uses – a place for books and magazines, a perch for your plant, a catch-all for mail and keys, or a nearby spot to place a drink – and sometimes it can be an afterthought in your overall design. Although an accent table is small, when the right design is chosen to complement your space, it can make a huge impact to your home decor.

Choosing an accent table that is mirrored, glass, chrome, or glossy brings a reflective quality to your room, adds a bit of sparkle and shine, and gives the appearance of a larger space. I’m a big fan of nesting tables because they add so much visual interest to your space, and the decorating ideas are endless!

When I was asked by Staples Canada to check out their furniture selection, I simply thought that they sold office furniture. But I quickly discovered patio sets, living room furniture, dining tables and chairs – who knew that they have so much more? They have so many trendy accent tables – from contemporary designs, industrial looking pieces, reclaimed wood and mirrored and glass finishes.  View Post


home office of kelli murray

home office of april and may

home office of april and may

I’ve been searching for home office inspiration for the past few months, and I’ve collected my favourite photos to share with you. There’s a definite trend emerging from these pictures – a lot of white, black, neutrals, with a bit of sparkle or colour thrown in for interest. We have a spot in our house that’s destined for a desk, a wall that’s about 65″ wide and would perfectly fit a desk between 45″-55″ wide. Above it, instead of a gallery wall, I think I will be going for a more streamlined picture rail – I figure it might be more versatile in keeping art as well as current magazines. I am also considering adding some greenery, a small plant or cactus perhaps, however I have a notorious black thumb when it comes to indoor plants so I’m not sure if it’s the best idea I’ve ever had!  View Post

Photo Credit: Rita Hodge c/o RH Factor

Photo Credit: Rita Hodge c/o RH Factor

The hot summer days make me yearn for a lush oasis to spend my days in, and a magical, private garden to entertain in at night. I am constantly being drawn to clean lines, minimal landscapes with tall bamboo plants, water features, and rock gardens. While I personally do not have a green thumb, and consequently do not want to spend long hours tending to a garden, I prefer low-maintenance gardens. No grass to mow, and instead have wild grasses and bushes that can grow freely and with minimal upkeep. View Post