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Spring is officially here! The sun is shining just a bit brighter and the air is getting warmer – spring is the perfect time to freshen up the house after a looong, grey winter! The pictures above are perfect inspiration for a minimal aesthetic in a beautiful home – do you know how to get a minimal design in your house? Constant cleaning.

I am forever tidying up, organizing, dusting, putting things away in their proper places, and purging as much as I can to maintain a minimal house. But if you saw my desk right now – you would laugh! Minimal? Hardly! (…but let’s move on..!) View Post

There’s something unique about a room that’s void of colour. Very rarely would a black and white room have much interest, unless offset by an accent colour or natural woods. Patterns, textures, geometric shapes, and graphics take over these rooms, adding punches of vibrancy and intrigue. What do you think of these lovely rooms?




I have long lusted over the beautiful canal-inspired Amsterdam collection from Kast van een Huis. Based on the 17th-century architecture of classic canal houses found in Amsterdam, these cabinets are a modern and stylish way to add storage and charm to a child’s bedroom.

Imagine how much fun it would be to play in these closets? The cabinets are made-to-order, and can be customized to include shelving, file storage, and closet rods in one of ten colours to choose from. I have always envisioned my son’s bedroom with a couple of these houses, but alas I fear they are a bit out of my price range (I can always dream!).

Now they have added a darling Amsterdam-inspired bed, in both toddler and standard twin sizing, and a computer cabinet to their furniture offerings, and I’m officially in love.  How much do you love these gorgeous closets?




January has traditionally been known as the best time to purchase bed linens and towels and, since 1860, the Italian brand Frette has been providing luxurious bed linens, bath towels, home accessories, and loungewear. Frette linens can be found in the finest hotels worldwide, and their linens were also used on the Titanic and the Orient Express – that’s some history for you!

I’ve long lusted over the beautiful bedding from Frette. There’s nothing like getting into a freshly made bed, with soft, crisp linens and buttery blankets. Quality always trumps quantity for me, and I’d rather invest my hard-earned money into something that will last and is truly beautiful.


Not only does Frette make the finest linens in the world, they provide cashmere blankets, cozy bathrobes, deliciously scented candles, and even gifts for baby in their lovely shops and on their website. I love a good sale, especially when it’s on quality items, so I’ve chosen some of my favourite items from to share with you. They’re not all on sale, but they’re so beautiful I couldn’t resist sharing these finds with you!

A well-made bed is created with layers of fine linen, plump pillows, airy duvets, and topped with soft blankets and a few well chosen throw pillows. A decorative pillow in a bright colour or pattern can bring interest and whimsy to your bedding. My favourites are this beautiful peacock-coloured pillow (sold out; similar here), the ornamental tile embroidered pillow is simply lovely, and the geometric-patterned cushion is a modern choice in a gorgeous colour. Bonus – they’re all on sale!



I am in love with the ornate motifs on the Parisienne Throw & Pillow, it looks so cozy and chic! The heavy wool Chevron blanket would fit perfectly in my home, which is very monotone and grey-on-grey, but I can’t help lusting over this delicious Bliss Throw in Aqua, which is made of the finest cashmere. The colour is divine, n’est pas? The mid-weight Minimal Throw has a subtle design and is perfect for cozy nights around the fire with a glass of wine. View Post



When I need something for my house, the first place I look is always Simple Human. Their designs are sleek, modern, and uber practical, especially for our family. I love the look of their items, with their sleek and fingerprint-proof stainless steel, and the durability can’t be beat.

I was looking for a solution to our garbage and recycling issues. I really wish I had taken a “before” picture to show you what a mess that corner used to be. A garbage bin with no lid and a bright blue recycling box overflowing with cardboard, paper, and cans. It was a disaster! I avoided looking at that corner, and if friends came over I would try to hide everything in the closet!

Solution? The Simple Human 48-Litre Steel Bar Recycler. Durable enough for a family, practical enough to hold all my waste and recycling in one beautiful steel container. View Post