9 Inspiring Christmas Tree Themes

It’s that time of year again! I found 9 inspiring Christmas tree themes that I wanted to share with you… with only 10 days until Christmas, our family is getting super excited for the holiday season! I love to see different Christmas tree themes, especially ones that are unique!

There are so many Christmas tree themes to choose from: modern, simple, retro, color-themes, vintage, natural, rustic, ombre, multi-tone – the list could go on and on! I typically stick with a similar theme from year to year, but I’ll change an element of the Christmas tree themes to mix it up a little! View Post

Long Wavy Hair Tutorial

How often do you wash your hair? I’m lucky if I get to wash it twice a week, and even then I don’t always have time to blowdry or style my hair the way I like to. I’m a mom, I work, I raise kids, I make food, I run businesses, I try to purchase school supplies online and cross my fingers they show up on time (they showed up today, a week after school started, by the way). I’m a busy mom, but I still like my hair to look good, which is why I LOVE dry shampoo, not only for nice smelling hair, but because they add a bit of volume and oomph to my hair style. View Post

Modern Home

We’ve decided to put our house up for sale.

I really hate even typing that sentence. It was a difficult decision, one that took months and months of back and forth conversation, but in the end we decided it was the best thing we could do for our family. The house that we built from a dream. The house that we put months, even years, of sweat equity into, making it our own. (Check out our home tour here.) And yet… View Post

Bohemian Home Decor

For me, a Bohemian style evokes imagery of macrame, relaxed silks, natural materials like rattan, and greenery. Bohemian decor in the home isn’t easy to accomplish because it’s not something that can be ‘styled’, it’s nomadic and natural, and it develops as time goes on. A trinket from a trip to some far away place, a gift from a friend, a vintage rug discovered beneath some rubbish – it takes time to have a truly effortless Bohemian home.

To add a boho chic style to your home, start small. Add one or two items which you absolutely love, and see how they will fit in – a good place to start is with throw cushions, a plant, a rug, or wall hanging. Try to reflect the colours already used in the room, or alternatively bring in a pop of colour that complements the room. View Post

When we first built our home, we had dreams of a minimal and industrial inspired kitchen. (You can see some kitchen inspirations here and here – and you can see what our kitchen actually looks like here!) What did we do to achieve our desired look? We customized a few Ikea cabinets and created our own 18′ long kitchen island out of reclaimed wood fir beams that we burnt and sealed. It looks great and was on budget, however it wasn’t the most practical solution, as time would quickly tell…

henry-built-tall View Post

The warmer weather has arrived and it’s making me want to spend every sun-filled moment outdoors! The last thing on our ‘build our own house‘ project is the landscaping and deck. Oh! How I long for our deck to be completed! I dream of having barbeques, afternoon naps, late night talks surrounded by candlelight…. But until then, I wanted to share some beautiful black and white design inspiration!

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Scandinavian Christmas decor screams minimalism and whispers warmth and light. I am always drawn to Scandinavian spaces and love the way they are decorated for Christmas. I chose a variety of ‘looks’, but all have a similar theme. The beauty is in the simplicity, a colour-based theme, lots of light, and very nature-inspired.

Traditionally, a Scandinavian Christmas will be very white and red, with wood tones and rich, natural greens. When a natural tree is chosen, decorations seem to be sparse and thoughtful, or filled with vintage and colourful ornaments. Handcrafted ornaments, made of felt and wool, combined with candles, wood, and sparkly snowflakes fill these trees with warmth – but it’s never too much, just enough.

Many paper decorations are found in Scandinavian Christmas decor as well, with cut-outs of stars, trees, and simple dots used as decorations throughout the house. Branches of trees, bare or with evergreen needles, can easily decorate a simple nook, a bathroom, or a tabletop. A (faux) fur throws add a touch of luxury with a natural feel to a Scandinavian Christmas look. View Post