Being Prepared for Anything & a $150 Shoppers Drug Mart Giveaway

“Little jump, biiiiig jump, and a flip into the foam pit!”

Heading to Bounce, in Whistler, is one of our families’ favourite activities. The kids, both big and small, rid themselves of any pent-up energy, learn new tricks and techniques, and it’s fun for mom and dad, too!

On one of our first trips to the trampoline wonderland, I decided to finally join in the fun! You know, stop being a “sidelines mom”, and experience things with my kids instead of just watching them have a good time.

The first few jumps were so exciting – jumping on a trampoline after not doing so for years is a little disconcerting, attempting to gain the right speed, give just enough power, and fall with grace…. however, even more disconcerting was that with every jump up, it seemed a little, tiny amount of pee went down…

It wasn’t much, but it was just enough to stop me from enjoying time on the trampoline and, essentially, time with my kids. I was so embarrassed that IΒ didn’t even want to tell my husband what was up.

What was up that this mama had a slight bladder problem, and there was nothing sexy about it. I remember sitting on the side, watching my kids and my hubby jumping around, and I felt a bit weird about the whole thing.

Yes, it can be embarrassing (bladder loss, that is), but why are we so ashamed of it. After having children, sometimes there’s no amount of kegel exercises than can stop a lack of bladder control. It took me a couple of years afterΒ the last baby to stop peeing a little when I sneeze, but this jumping on a trampoline thing threw me for a loop.

This loss of control over my body made me hold back from having fun and spending time with my family. In a nutshell, it sucked.

This is why Depend’s is trying to break the stigma of leakage, and help women of any age be prepared for anything – whether it’s exercise, long walks, or jumping on trampolines. It’s estimated that as many as 3.3 million Canadians experience some sort of bladder leakage and the Depend brand offers a dignified solution that provides comfort, protection, and confidence through innovation and design.


The new Depend Silhouette Active Fit Briefs are a wardrobe essential, with a thin design that looks, fits, and feels like real underwear. They allow you to participate in life, worry-free and with dignity.Β In being prepared for anything, Depend’s wants to give one lucky winner a $150 Shopper Drug Mart.

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