80 Ways to Eat Nutella

We are a home of Nutella lovers. Since I was a little girl I’ve been eating Nutella on toast as a snack, or for breakfast, or for dessert… & when we discovered that my daughter was allergic to peanuts, she too became a Nutella-holic. While kids are eating PB&Js elsewhere, we eat Nutella.


Since there’s usually a largeΒ amount of the chocolate hazelnut spread found in my house, I try to find new and different uses for it. Some are quick and easy – adding a spoonful to a latte, spreading it on crackers – while some are a bit more adventurous – Brie & Nutella Panini, anyone?

Here I present to you 80 Ways to Eat Nutella! Β 

  1. Make these delicious Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookies
  2. Grab strawberries, cut out the centres and fill with Nutella
  3. Spread nutella on a wrap, place a banana inside, roll it up and slice
  4. Nutella Panini: delicious french bread + nutella + strawberries
  5. Pillsbury Crescent Rolls filled with Nutella
  6. Crepes filled with Nutella
  7. Make a 90 second nutella cakeΒ in your microwave
  8. Add a spoon of nutella to your morning coffee
  9. Nutella Caramelized Grilled Goat Cheese Sandwich – so good!
  10. Make a fruit dip: 1 cup yogurt + 1/2 cup nutella & blend
  11. Beautiful banana cake with nutella frosting
  12. Popsicles: 1.5 cups milk + 1/2 cup nutella, pour into mold and freeze 2-3 hours
  13. Nutella Cheese Ball – weird and delicious
  14. Make chocolate rice krispie treats by adding 1 cup of nutella
  15. Bake chocolate chip banana bread
  16. Melt nutella in a fondue pot and serve with fruits, crackers, & bread sticks
  17. Nutella S’mores!
  18. Ravioli filled with butternut squash & nutella
  19. No-Bake Nutella Cheesecakes
  20. Slice open a croissant and stuff with nutella
  21. Brie & Nutella Grilled Cheese
  22. Nutella & Peanut Butter sandwiches
  23. Make this Nutella + Banana Fruit Leather
  24. Cinnamon Rolls filled with Nutella
  25. Brioche French Toast stuffed with Nutella
  26. Super Simple Gluten-Free Nutella Ice Cream made by hand
  27. Add nutella to your steak marinade
  28. Bake 4-ingredient nutella brownies
  29. Add a tablespoon or two of nutella to your morning smoothie
  30. Or make this Nutella Banana smoothie
  31. Make a dessert pizza with nutella, pears, and walnuts
  32. Melt nutella to create a chocolate sauce to pour over ice cream sundaes
  33. Delicious Nutella Fudge with Sea Salt
  34. Add nutella to a mole sauce for enchiladas!
  35. This!!!: Sweet & Spicy Nutella-Coated Bacon
  36. Add a few tablespoons of nutella to plain rice pudding
  37. Or make this Nutella Risotto
  38. Slice up pears, apples, mangos and sandwich together with nutella (healthy ‘cookies’!)
  39. No-Bake Nutella Cookies
  40. Order a Nutella Frappuccino from Starbucks (Secret Menu)
  41. Or make a Homemade Frappucinno
  42. Spread nutella on pancakes (my daughter’s favourite!)
  43. Make a glaze for doughnuts: 1 cup icing sugar + 3 tbsp nutella + 5 tsp milk
  44. Or you can fill your doughnuts with nutella
  45. Or make 3-Ingredient Nutella Doughnuts
  46. Make nutella pudding
  47. Add a 1/2 cup of nutella to your favourite banana bread recipe
  48. Or spread nutella on a warm slice of banana bread!
  49. Or bake this Nutella Chocolate Chip Banana Bread
  50. Spread nutella on top of a muffin
  51. Salted Nutella Peanut Butter Thumbprint Cookies
  52. Spread nutella on Eggos or Belgian Waffles
  53. Or make nutella waffle sandwich cookies
  54. Spread 2 pieces of bread with nutella, cover with marshmallows, put together and grill
  55. Nutella Macarons
  56. Hot Chocolate: 4 cups milk + 1 cup chocolate chips + 1/2 cup nutella – whisk on low til melted
  57. Add a shot of rum to your nutella hot chocolate!
  58. Or make Nutella Hot Chocolate in a Crockpot
  59. Mix 1/2 an avocado with 2 tbsp Nutella for a ‘healthy’ spread!
  60. Decadent nutella whip dip
  61. Toast a bagel, butter it, then spread nutella on it
  62. 8-ingredient Nutella Swirl Cheesecake Bars
  63. Make gourmet popcorn with drizzled nutella
  64. Sandwich nutella between ritz crackers
  65. Bake these cute nutella-blackberry hand pies
  66. Nutella Baklava – amazing!!
  67. Dip celery sticks into nutella
  68. Fill cannolis with nutella mousse
  69. …with this 2-ingredient nutella mousse recipe
  70. or get fancy with a Layered Nutella Mousse
  71. Add nutella to a waffle cone before adding a scoop of ice cream
  72. Nutella Cupcakes filled with Nutella & topped with Nutella buttercream! (& a printable!)
  73. …or bake this incredibly indulgent Nutella Cupcake recipe
  74. Spread nutella on a half-sour pickle. I dare ya.
  75. Make nutella truffles coated in hazelnuts
  76. Add a spoonful of nutella to your oatmeal – yum!
  77. Dip pretzels into nutella
  78. Nutella Creme Brulee
  79. Blend up a nutella ice cream milk shake
  80. …or simply straight out of the jar, with a very large spoon!


What’s your favourite way to eat Nutella?

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