Join Me at the #RBCFirstHome Twitter Chat

#RBCFirstHome Twitter Chat

In the last thirteen years, I have moved thirteen times – true story! So it was a huge relief to finally move into our first real home in years! But can I tell you a secret? I still have a house hunting bug… I love watching television shows about searching for the dream home and I always look at real estate listings!

If you’re thinking of buying a home anytime soon, join me at the #RBCFirstHome twitter chat this Tuesday, March 24th at 8:30pm ET / 5:30pm PT.

// Submit your home-buying questions using the hashtag #RBCFirstHome

// Experts from RBC will be on hand to answer home buying questions

// Some of the experts include a Lawyer, a Realtor, a Designer, various Home Builders, and Mortgage experts as well!

// Participate with the #RBCFirstHome twitter chat to have a chance to win 1 of 5 $100 gift cards

Tweet you there!

Minimal Design Inspiration & The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist

Minimal Home Design Spring Cleaning

Minimal Kitchen Spring Cleaning

Minimal Bathroom Spring Cleaning

Minimal Bedroom Design Spring Cleaning

Minimal Closet Organization Spring Cleaning

Minimal Office Design Spring Cleaning

Spring is officially here! The sun is shining just a bit brighter and the air is getting warmer – spring is the perfect time to freshen up the house after a looong, grey winter! The pictures above are perfect inspiration for a minimal aesthetic in a beautiful home – do you know how to get a minimal design in your house? Constant cleaning.

I am forever tidying up, organizing, dusting, putting things away in their proper places, and purging as much as I can to maintain a minimal house. But if you saw my desk right now – you would laugh! Minimal? Hardly! (…but let’s move on..!)

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Disconnecting to Discover ‘The Joy of Missing Out’


As a business owner, a blogger, and a mom that socializes far too much on Facebook, I spend a lot of time online. No matter where I am, the call of email, articles, silly tweets, and iMessage is available to me via phone, laptop, or computer. I am always connected.

In 2012, a mom-of-three and freelance writer, Christina Crook disconnected from the online world for 31 days. She turned off her phone, her laptop, and wrote letters on a  typewriter that she sent to a friend (via snail mail!), who then uploaded onto a blog. The project might seem extreme to many, but it became the inspiration for Christina’s new book called “The Joy of Missing Out: Finding Balance in a Wired World“.

The beautifully written book focuses on how technology impacts our lives and the lives of our children, the relationships we have, our communities, our health, and our world. The author examines how we use technology, and in turn, how it uses us. The lack of balance and harmony in our lives is directly connected to our dependance on our online world.

Christina Crook  reminds us to maintain healthy screen habits, and limit our personal time online. Although it might seem difficult to do so, disconnecting can be a breath of fresh air in our digital world. It might remind us of simpler times, when we didn’t keep the internet in our purses, and instead appreciated the time spent outside, personal time for reading books and playing with our children.

How often do you disconnect from the online world? Could you do an internet fast?

Kitchen Organization Made Easy with the Frigidaire Custom-Flex Fridge #testdrivemoms

Frigidaire Custom-Flex Fridge

Frigidaire Custom-Flex Fridge Organizing Kitchen Tips and Ideas

Imagine a world with a place for everything and everything in its place – it’s an organizer’s fantasy! And with the Frigidaire Gallery® Custom-Flex™ Top Freezer Refrigerator, it’s a dream come true! A personalized fridge to suit your needs (and your groceries!) with different sized bins that slide, move, and adjust.

When the beautiful stainless steel fridge was installed in my kitchen, I oohed and awed over the shiny surface – and was impressed with the smudge-proof stainless steel! Do you know what that means? That my kid’s fingerprints will not show up all over the door and my kitchen will look sleek and clean almost effortlessly!

Did you know?

  • 63% of consumers find it hard to fit tall bottles in door storage? This complaint is highest among top-mount freezer refrigerator owners
  • 30% find it difficult to organize beverages in their refrigerator
  • 30% find it difficult to organize food in their refrigerator! Food!
  • 30% of top mount owners find the door bins and shelving difficult to move

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5 Travel Hacks You’ll Love & a Downy Giveaway

Spring is finally here, and I’m teaming up with Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus to share five travel hacks that you’ll love, along with a great giveaway offer. One lucky winner will take home a Travel Pack from Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus valued at $150 (including a $50 Target gift card!)

Five Travel Hacks You’ll Love

Five travel hacks you'll love (especially #2) - and a giveaway!

1. Roll; Don’t Fold
As you pack, roll your clothes instead of folding them. You’ll be able to fit up to two times the amount of clothing by rolling them as you would by folding them.

2. Pack your “Iron”
And by iron, we mean Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus. The 3 oz travel size meets airline standards. Slip it into your carry-on bag, and with a simple spray, you’ll be wrinkle free all trip long. (It’s also a great fabric refresher if you have to wear your clothes more than once on vacation.) Click here to read more and grab a coupon.

3. Bring an Empty Water Bottle
After you get through security, several airports have filtered water stands to fill your bottle. You’ll also find that most airport cafes will gladly fill your water bottle as well.

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Irish Coffee Recipe & a Starbucks Giveaway


I have always loved a cup of Irish Coffee after a delicious and indulgent dinner at a nice restaurant. An Irish Coffee is the perfect little pick me up after a big meal, but it’s also sweet and is a dessert unto itself.

With St Patrick’s Day coming up, I wanted to share with you my favourite and authentic Irish Coffee recipe, as I have got from the Irish mom of one of my closest friends! I’ve also joined up with a Giveaway Blog Hop so you can enter to win a $40 Starbucks card – perfect for buying some rich coffee with and making your own Irish Coffee at home!

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Healthy Family Prize Pack Giveaway


Remember all those New Year’s resolutions you made? It seems like it was ages ago, but that’s no excuse to step away from your goals and give up on your mission to bigger and better things! Continue to make this year the one you overcome challenges, achieve the unexpected, and create a healthy and active lifestyle of you and your family!

It only takes a few small changes to set the right path for you and your loved ones – especially when it comes to your health and well-being. Taking your vitamins, adding fresh veggies to every meal, and keeping good care of your body will make you happy, and get you that much closer to your health goals.

Here are some handy little helpers to help your family achieve your health goals:

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How I Lost 27 Pounds in 40 Days #PoloWeightLoss

How I Lost 27 Pounds in 40 Days with HCG

I began the year with determination and resolve – this was going to be the year that I finally changed my eating habits for good, the year I’ll lose weight and become healthy and active again. What better way to kickstart these habits by attempting to lose 40 pounds in 40 days?

I tried out the HCG diet, also known as the “40 Pounds in 40 Days” diet. This incredible dieting opportunity came from Dr. Allana Polo, from the Polo Health & Longevity Centre in New Westminster, who was there for me every step of the way, coaching me and helping me along when I needed it.

The HCG diet helped me lose 27 pounds in 40 days, without losing muscle mass – no other low calorie diet can do this! The weight I lost on the HCG diet was mainly fat, which is absolutely amazing.

The HCG Diet

This simple diet consists of taking an HCG hormone and restricting calorie intake to only 500. While this sounds shocking, it actually isn’t. The hormone causes your body to eat away at the fat stores at a rate of up to 4,000 calories per day, so while you’re ingesting about 500, your body is getting rid of the fat on your body, and you’re not hungry

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Paleo Meyer Lemon Pudding #CoolerWithAlmondBreeze

Paleo Friendly Meyer Lemon Pudding Dessert

As one of our New Year’s resolutions, our household has been focused on healthy living since the beginning of the year (read more about our health journey here). I’ve lost quite a bit of weight on the HCG diet, my husband has lost weight along with me, and we’ve started changing our kids’ diets to be more focused on whole foods, getting rid of all the processed junk.

I’m very excited to share this recipe with you today – I discovered it through a friend on Facebook (isn’t that how we find anything nowadays?), and relished in the fact that it was Paleo-friendly, egg-free, dairy-free, and made of delicious Meyer lemons.

I’ve adapted the recipe from Healing Family Eats (which is a very lovely blog featuring autoimmune Paleo recipes), and I added Almond Breeze in the recipe. My daughter is allergic to the cow milk protein, and the rest of our family have slight lactose intolerances, that make eating heavy sauces and desserts no fun! (Think cheesecakes and alfredo sauces – those are a huge no go in our house!)

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