Cell Phone Radiation and Your Family – Should You Be Worried? #GetCellSmart

Are you worried about cell phone radiation and your family? #GetCellSmart

There is no question that we are living in the digital world. As a modern society, we are constantly connected to everything around us via social media, apps, messaging, video and calling – and most of it is done wirelessly on our cell phones. Do you worry about the effects of cell phone radiation on your family?

I am a self-professed social media maven, a web designer and branding specialist who is on my phone all the time. Much of my work can be done through my cell phone, because it’s easy to access and convenient to squeeze in an instagram post while dinner is cooking or posting content while grocery shopping – no joke. I take advantage of my cell phone as much as possible, but I do wonder about cell phone radiation and its’ long term effects.

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5 TED Talks That Will Inspire You To Be a Minimalist

The new year is full of resolutions and wide-eyed optimism. There’s this feeling that the slate is clean and it’s time to start fresh. If you’re a fan of decluttering or feel that a minimalist lifestyle might help you clear your space and your mind, then check out these 5 TED Talks that will inspire…

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Remember to Walk That Mile

Growing up, I often heard the saying, “Never judge until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.” It’s like all the sayings parents, teachers, and well-meaning adults tell you: If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. The grass is always greener on the other side. Etc. Typically, you acknowledge the saying, you…

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But First – Champagne!

Tomorrow marks the beginning of a new year… and I’m full of hope and wide-eyed optimism that everything I want to accomplish and that everything I want to change is possible. I can make it all happen. I believe in it. I just have to hustle. I have to organize and prioritize and work my…

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Picture Perfect Holiday Brunch #ChurchAndDwight #Giveaway

The holidays are all about spending quality time with those we love. This year, surprise family and friends by switching things up and hosting a fabulous holiday brunch instead of the traditional turkey dinner.   For the perfect entertaining space that will leave guests in awe, follow my few simple tips below to elevate your brunch…

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9 Inspiring Christmas Tree Themes

It’s that time of year again! I found 9 inspiring Christmas tree themes that I wanted to share with you… with only 10 days until Christmas, our family is getting super excited for the holiday season! I love to see different Christmas tree themes, especially ones that are unique! There are so many Christmas tree…

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