Free Printables to Get You Organized during the Holidays!


photo credit: Eliza Ellis


photo credit: Eliza Ellis

I’m constantly feeling overwhelmed. Lately, especially due to the holiday season, it’s a struggle with anxiety and time management and trying not to forget all the things on my to-do list. Working at home has gotten busier, the kids have a ton of their own things to do, and I’m still trying to manage the household, typically by myself.

Deciding to get more organized, I started researching time management for moms and household management planners. I scoured pinterest for printables. I read blogs about time blocking and how to organize your entire life. And then I finally discovered Eliza Ellis’ blog, It’s a Beautiful Life.

Eliza Ellis creates gorgeous, free printables. They are absolutely stunning and she’s put so much thought into them. There are different colours and designs, and not only does she have a whole array of daily planners, note pads, meal planners and chore sheets – she’s created a free printable Christmas Planner, too!

I’ve already printed out the Christmas Planner – do you know how hard it is to choose one design? They’re all so beautiful! I was going to go with the foxes but ended up using the Christmas Trees design! I’m also currently working on a Daily Management Binder, using the Orchid theme planners. I’m super excited to start organizing and planning better, and I’m hoping it keeps me from feeling too overwhelmed!


Fast Pain Relief with Tylenol Arthritis & $50 Giveaway

As a child I was constantly being shouted at to put my slippers on and wear warmer socks! Arthritis runs in my family and the fear of the condition coupled with an over-protective mother meant my sister and I were always very, very warm. My father has a slight form of arthritis, as do both of my in-laws, and it’s hard to see the people you love struggle with pain.

My mother-in-law has started using Tylenol Arthritis to get relief. My children are active and toddlers need to be picked up at times, but if you have arthritis affecting your joints, especially in your hands or shoulders, it can be difficult to keep up with the kids. My mother-in-law is constantly resting her hands and can’t lift anything too heavy because the pain can get too much.

Arthritis is a condition characterized by stiffness and inflammation or swelling of the joints. There are many types of arthritis, and it might surprise you to know that it’s not just an “elderly person’s disease”, and can actually affect people of any age. Click on the infographic below to learn more about arthritis.

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Kid-Friendly Eco-Conscious Furniture #BuyGreen


Kids furniture should be durable, stylish, and affordable, and the ‘green’ choices at are also eco-friendly! I have a really tough time finding furniture for my kids – it’s either over-priced or cheaply made, and I certainly don’t want to spent a ton of money on furniture that will likely be turned into art by way of crayons and highlighters! I try to find used furniture pieces to add to my home, sometimes refurbishing an item can give it a new life in a home! However, it isn’t exactly affordable purchasing a used piece of ‘modern’ furniture (if it has ‘mid-century’ in the title, watch for extra zero’s added!).

I am always scouring the BuyGreen site for items that are needed in my home – this online shop has absolutely everything eco-friendly including clothing, health and beauty products, items for your office, and even furniture! I was super curious about the line of WayBasics furniture made of zBoards, which claims to be the ‘World’s Easiest Assembly’, and uses no tools to put their furniture together.



The prices were very affordable and the modular cube storage was modern and fun! The shelving is light-weight but strong, each shelf can still hold about 50 pounds of weight. After some long decision making, we finally chose the Madison Bookcase for my daughter’s room (which BuyGreen supplied to us for review – thank you!). Since moving, we still hadn’t completed her bedroom (…it’s only been 5 months!) and it was difficult for her to keep her room clean and tidy. See the before picture after the jump!

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Kmart Fab 15 Toy Giveaway

Kmart Fab 15 Toys

I am so excited to be partnering up with Kmart to offer a fantastic giveaway for their Fab 15 Toys! We want to help make your holidays a little easier by giving you the chance to win these popular and trendy toys. In the spirit of the holiday season 13 winners will receive 1 toy from the Kmart Fab 15 Toy List! 

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iPad Mini Giveaway

One of my favourite items that gets me through the day, from morning until night, is my iPad mini. It’s white, it’s sleek, it lets me blog, stay connected with family, reminds me of all my appointments, and is synced with my phone. On long car rides it’s a dvd player for my kids, it’s an educational toy, and it’s a ton of fun… and now is your chance to win one of your own!

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Thankful Giveaways Hop


I’m so excited to team up with The Hopping Bloggers & Up All Night Blogging to join in this Thankful For Giveaways Hop! There are over 70 bloggers participating, that means there are over 70 giveaways to enter, over 70 chances to win!!

I’m giving away a $15 Starbucks Gift Card, to say thank you for being such awesome readers!

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We Tried It: LostMy.Name Books

lost-my-name-b-3lost-my-name-p-3lost-my-name-b-1I’ve always loved giving a personalized present to someone close to me. It feels very special to give family and friends a gift that’s unique and created solely for them. It’s why I’m so in love with LostMy.Name books.

LostMy.Name books started as a DIY-project between three fathers and an uncle, and quickly became a labour of love. They’ve created an easy-to-make book for any name in the world. How easy? Enter your child’s name, choose if the book is for a boy or a girl, and hit ‘Create Your Book’! You can add a personal dedication if you wish, and preview your book before ordering.

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We Tried It: Mr Beams Wireless Motion-Sensor LED Lights

Mr Beams LED Wireless Motion Sensor Lights

Do you love the look of custom under-cabinet lighting but don’t want to deal with the hassle of complicated electrical wiring? Same here. I’ve been researching different options for under-counter lighting and had trouble finding something easy to install – until I stumbled upon Mr. Beams!

Mr. Beams specializes in battery-operated, wireless, motion-sensor LED lights that you can put anywhere! They have a range of products that include ceiling lights, outdoor deck lighting, night lights, safety spotlights, and more. What’s great is that these lights can be used anywhere you need light, and only turn on in dim light settings.

I wish I knew about these lights when I was renting! The slim lights can be screwed in place or stuck in place with the handy double-sided tape that is included. I could have used these lights in closets, pantries, and any dark nook that seemed useless because there was no lighting! These lights can be used temporarily or permanently – and there are no electrical wires to deal with!

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What I’ve Learnt So Far #Moms30for30 Challenge




When I first started the #moms30for30 challenge, I was super pumped and excited to suddenly be devoting some time to myself and to my own style. My style… what happened to it, I wonder?  I realized that every photo of me at almost every community event consisted of wearing tights and a tunic (easy, simple, chic… right?), but now that the little one is older (and going to daycare!), I need to step up my “me game”.

If you’re just catching up, the Moms 30 for 30 Challenge consists of choosing 30 items in your closet and wearing them all month long, mixing them up with each other and accessories to create new looks and actually wear your wardrobe! I signed up because I wasn’t wearing my wardrobe or giving any real thought to my style – but the first 9 days have already taught me a few things.

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Super Dog, our GoGo My Walkin’ Pup! #FurRealFriends





Almost every day my daughter asks us for a dog. Not a day passes that she won’t mention how she’ll take care of a dog, that she would love to take a dog for walks, and she insists that she wants to train puppies for a living. She borrows dog breed books from the library and watches shows about dogs. I think it’s safe to say we have a dog lover on our hands!

So when the FurReal Friends GoGo Walkin’ Pup first arrived at our home, my daughter Chanel  squealed with excitement and ripped open the box as fast as she could. She quickly named the cute and fluffy fur ball, Super Dog, and the dog has becomes this girl’s new best friend! Super Dog was quick to learn the most basic commands – sit, speak, and walk! Using the attached leash (which does not come off), pressing the button can make Super Dog do a couple of tricks, and of course, the best part – WALK!

Pressing the button on the leash will make the FurReal Friends GoGo Walkin’ Pup walk a few feet, but continue to press the button and the dog will keep walking until you let go of the button. Patting the dog’s head causes her to sit, cock her head to the side, and bark at you! I love that when you walk away from the dog and stop playing with her, she starts howling and begging for your attention!

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