Tory Burch Flats Giveaway

There was a time in my life when I only wore heels – seriously, I’m not kidding. Heels gave me confidence, made me taller, and came in a variety of patterns and colours. Then I got a job where I had to stand up for more than 8 hours a day and I started to give in to the dreaded flat.

I discovered Tory Burch ‘Reva’ flats and never looked back. I quickly attained a nice collection of them – the basic black, a nice pink, and my absolute favourite – the leopard print pony hair flat! The look is classic and simple, but with a twist. Today we’re giving away a pair of Tory Burch flats!

Tory Burch Flats Giveaway

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It’s Time for a Healthy Family Expo Twitter Party! #HFEsmallsteps

As a mom of a busy family, I’m always looking for quick and easy solutions to help keep my family healthy and active. That’s why I’m super excited to be an ambassador for the Healthy Family Expo!

The Healthy Family Expo is all about small steps and simple solutions to healthy, active and eco-friendly living for busy families.

Join us at the #HFEsmallsteps Twitter Party on Tuesday, October 28th at 8pm PST to celebrate the kick-off of their 2015 Expo! With over $1000 in prizes available to be won, from our fabulous sponsors and exhibitors, including Whole Foods Market, London Drugs, Yaya Baby, Modern Mama, Cypress Mountain, and more!


Join us at the #HFEsmallsteps Twitter Party where we’ll discuss eco-friendly living, healthy and active lifestyles, and delicious, nutritious food! 

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‘Let’s Party!’ in Vancouver with Disney on Ice


Do your kids love Mickey Mouse? My son adores him – his brown eyes light up when he sees him on screen, and his Mickey Mouse plush toy tags along with us everywhere we go! I can’t wait for him to experience Disney on Ice and see Mickey Mouse, along with Minnie, Donald, Pluto, and the rest of the gang!


Have you ever seen a performance of Disney on Ice? It is absolutely magical and breathtaking. The figure skating is top notch and the performers put on an amazing show. Disney on Ice is shouting ‘Let’s Party!’ in Vancouver with its’ upcoming shows playing at the Pacific Coliseum at the PNE from November 26 – 30, 2014

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Spiced Pumpkin Smoothie & 49 More Green Smoothie Recipes!


Everyone I talk to asks me “How is your smoothie challenge going?” – and I always answer “GREAT!”, although there were days that I wasn’t quite looking forward to washing my blender again. I’ve definitely been feeling a lot better, I think I’ve lost a couple of pounds, and my skin is doing that annoying ‘detox’ thing where every bad thing I’ve eaten in the past 6 months decides to become a pimple. Right on my forehead.

Skin problems aside, I’ve started becoming more adventurous with my smoothies! I discovered a new book, Green Smoothies: The Weight Loss & Detox Secret, which has helped me find new recipes. I’ve been adding in different varieties of fruits and vegetables, adding sweeteners like honey or maple syrup, and I tried out a new Vega One Nutrition Shake - Vanilla Chai! It was absolutely delicious and added some well-needed spice to my smoothie!

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$100 Nordstrom Giveaway

Autumn is in full swing here and I’ve been lusting over fall fashion! Riding boots, slouchy bags, oversized scarves, fingerless gloves, and comfy sweater dresses worn over leggings – fall is my favourite season to shop for! That’s why I’m super stoked to present the $100 Nordstrom Giveaway!


Hosted by:

West Coast Mama
Little Miss Mama
Shine Bright Little Mama
From C to C

What would you do with $100 at Nordstrom?

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What To Look For In a Daycare: 6 Tips for Choosing Childcare

As our company grows and work becomes busier for me, we’ve made the decision that our little toddler needs to go to daycare. We toyed with the idea of an at-home daycare, or having someone come into the home to watch him, like a part-time nanny. But in the end, we’ve chosen to go with a large facility daycare.

Choosing a daycare is hard!

My first choice didn’t have any availabilities until February. (This is why you should get on a wait list EARLY. Yes, while you’re pregnant if you want – you can always change your mind later!) And guess what? I didn’t have a second choice. Finding the right daycare for my son was an overwhelming aspect. My town has over 20 daycares, some were proper facilities while other were at-home daycares, and I started narrowing down the list by availability.

In the end, we decided to go with a Waldorf-inspired daycare, which seems to be absolutely perfect for my son. But it was a process to make this decision and it’s not an easy one to make! After going through it firsthand, I thought I’d write a post about what to look for in a daycare, and how to find the right fit for your child. Hope this helps any parent out there who’s starting this search or even in the middle of it!

find-best-daycare 1. What kind of daycare are you looking for?

To find excellent day care for your child, you must first try and figure out what type of daycare you are looking for. Are you looking for a large facility with many children, or a smaller, at-home daycare with fewer kids? Are you looking for a play-based atmosphere or one with an educational curriculum added? Are you looking for features like bilingual learning? Is outdoor play important to you? How about creative arts and messy time?

Location can also be a factor in  your decision – should you choose something closer to work or closer to home? Would a Montessori-based facility be something that would fit with your child, or maybe a Waldorf-inspired setting? These questions should help you narrow down the list of potential daycares and help guide you to find what’s best for your child.

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The Burrard Hotel, Vancouver BC


Postcards on the bed at The Burrard

The Burrard Hotel in downtown Vancouver, BC, has a unique and retro feeling to it, fitting since it first opened its’ doors in 1956 as the Burrard Motor Inn. Since then, they’ve done a massive renovation on the whole building, inside and out. While the hotel has been updated with modern amenities, they kept the mid-century modern character which keeps this boutique hotel an original choice.


A View into the Courtyard of The Burrard Hotel

Checking into the hotel was super easy and quick, the front desk was knowledgable and gave me all the information I needed to know about where to park and where my room was. Jay & I stayed on the fourth floor with our room looking into the lush courtyard of the hotel. It felt a bit like walking into a time warp, the carpet lining the walkways was astroturf, and the colour scheme screamed retro. 

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